安庆市省级、国家级开发园区招商引资工作调度会在桐召开 张君毅刘中汉徐雄等出席

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The picture shows the conference scene.

       On March 20, investment introduction scheduling meeting for development zones at provincial and higher level at Anqing City in March was held in Tongcheng. Mr. Zhang Junyi, a Standing Committee member of Anqing Municipal Party Committee and the First Deputy Mayor attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Mr. Liu Zhonghan, Mr. Xu Xiong, Mr. Chen Xianfeng, Mr. Gui Peng and etc. as the municipal leadership attended the scheduling meeting and accompanied the visit.

A photo of the visit of Mr. Zhang Junyi, Mr. Liu Zhonghan and Mr. Xu Xiong, etc. to China-Korea water purifier project in construction.


The meeting listened to the reports on key investment introduction projects of 15 provincial or higher level development zones (including preparatory ones) that are under discussion, contracted or under construction for March in Anqing. Locally proposed pending issues during advancement of the projects were scheduled at the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Junyi pointed out that less efforts made to take the business to canvass business and insufficiently strong investment promotion teams are issues existing in current work of the parks. He said that development zones are a main engine for regional economic growth, a key carrier of opening-up and the pilot zone of institutional mechanism reform. We should vitalize the inventory and enlarge the increase by attracting external investment, in an effort to develop the development zones. For how to further develop investment introduction to the parks, he stressed that: stress on the development zones is a stress on the focus. Highlighting the leading industry is to stress the internal growth capability of the industry. For investment promotion to the parks, top-level design should be stressed. There has to be the establishment of a long-term mechanism of scheduling, reporting, supervision, assessment and accountability. The commencement rate and funding rate of projects should be highlighted to ensure that all projects are commenced and put into operation smoothly. We should start from the park investment introduction scheduling to make continuous improvement to the operating mechanism of park scheduling and to advance Anqing development zones to a new stage.


A photo of the visit of Mr. Zhang Junyi, Mr. Liu Zhonghan and Mr. Xu Xiong, etc. to Chenxun robot project in construction.

      Mr. Xu Xiong, Vice Municipal Party Committee Secretary and Acting Mayor, introduced in his speech the performances of investment introduction of Anqing and the development results of Tongcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shuangxin Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2017. He said: In 2018, the investment introduction of parks in Anqing will hinge around the work requirement of “industrial investment promotion year at primacy degree” in Anqing City by taking five development actions as the guide and economic restructuring development as the mainline. The focus will be on competitive industries. Efforts should be made to expand industries at primacy degree, deeply root development strengths and strive to write a new chapter for investment promotion of development zones in Tongcheng!


A photo of the visit of Mr. Zhang Junyi, Mr. Liu Zhonghan and Mr. Xu Xiong, etc. to CNBM mono-crystalline solar module and double-glazed module project in construction.


The attendants visited the construction site of Huawei Meilin, China-Korea water purifier, Chenxun robot, CNBM mono-crystalline solar module and double-glazed module, OptimumNano New Energy, Zhongyi Intelligent and Xinmeizhi projects in construction where they were informed of the project profile and construction progress.