薄膜开关冲切自动上下料机Membrane switch for punching automatic loading and unloading machine







外形尺寸(L×W×H)mm: 1000x800x1400      
       固定方式                          落地式,调整脚轮,用连接板与冲床链接。
       重  量                              约300Kg
       供需电源                          单相AC220V ,<1000W
       环境要求                          干净,无尘,洁净房,避免潮湿
       工作气压/管径                   0.6MPa,干燥压缩空气,耗气量约15L/Min,进气管¢10mm。
       机器零件及外形表面处理     烤漆、镀铬或氧化处理,整机颜色为白色和黑色。
       连续工作时长                    24小时可连续运转,注意补充润滑油,清理杂物。

Equipment Introduction

Our company's punching automatic loading and unloading manipulator can realize the function of automatic loading and unloading during the punching process of the membrane switch. After the raw materials are automatically sucked by 

the raw material box, they are sent to the punch mold for positioning, and finally the punched finished product is automatically sucked and then put back into the raw material box.

Equipment main parameters

Dimensions (L×W×H)mm: 1000×800×1400

Fixed way: It has floor type and adjustable casters. Use connecting plates to connect punch

Weight: about 300Kg

Power supply and demand: Single phase AC220V, <1000w

Environmental requirements:  It should be placed in a clean and dust-free tidy room, away from moisture

Working pressure/diameter: 0.6MPa, dry and compressed air, air consumption about 15L/Min, intake pipe Φ10mm

Surface treatment of machine parts and shape: paint, chrome or oxidized, the whole machine is white and black

Continuous working time:  continuous operation for 24 hours; pay attention to add oil and clean up debris