盖板印刷AOI系统Cover printing AOI system





      Our AOI system is an embedded visual system installed on the existing Coverlens automatic printing feed/discharge machine. It may also be flexibly installed on the automatic printing devices of various brands with low investment and fast inspection speed. It has no interference with the production efficinecy of existing printing devices and offers high compatibility and is for 4-7" Coverlens in different shapes.


      The software offers quick online debugging and changeover and is easy to operate and manage. It has the function of self-learning.

            It has several mechanisms of batch of malfunction warning that may be set with threshold.


      The product image tested is shown on the operating screen with the malfunction part automatically labeled, which offers both convenience and visualization.

            The software collects the yield rate within the inspection period on a real-time basis to determine and analyze the presets and provide a basis for improvement of production quality.

            Images and processing results stored are saved in chronological order for traceability and troubleshooting.


      It has the development interface communication port for data analysis, informationization and remote management of intelligent manufacturing.