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CLS Division of Anhui Chenxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd


Anhui Chenxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in invested production in 2015 with a registered capital of 26.5 million US dollars. Its main business is research and development, design, manufacture and sales for smart devices, integration of industrial automation systems and technical consulting. The CLS division (hereafter referred to as CLS) is an exemplary production line that assembles the equipment developed by this company.


CLS is currently committed to the professional development, production and sales of glass displays, which can be widely used in the display protection screen of mobile phones, watches, flat panels, car and home appliances, exported to East China, South China and South Korea and other developed regions. We have full process R&D and production technology that integrates open materials, equipment development, process development, CNC, grinding, reinforcement, printing, 2.5D and other technologies. We can keep up with the most cutting-edge technology needs of industrial development and work actively to develop the most intelligent and intelligentized unmanned workshops.


Its production workshop area exceeds 4000and dust-free workshop area reaches 3000, with the total number of personnel more than 50, the total number of equipment over 40, and the monthly output  more than 300,000. The company always upholds the 7S manager concept. Since the first year of production, it has accumulated and built a good development platform and space and established and improved various management systems. It continues to adhere to the people-oriented development concept, achieving a higher, faster and stronger development vision.