CNC精雕机CNC engraving machine





1、 大理石结构,机器重心更稳定;

2、 采用高精度研磨滚精丝杆、直线导轨,NSK高精度轴承;

3、 全新设计的自动润滑系统, 持久保持润滑运动部件.保证机台清洁不漏油;

4、 配备高转速高精密主轴和先进的主轴冷却恒温系统;

5、 单轴4条万向喷水分头,冷却效果更理想;

6、 采用机电一体化结构设计,占地面积更小,外形更美观;

7、 适用于手机玻璃、手表、视窗镜片等玻璃制品的生产。

Equipment Introduction

1. It adopts a marble structure, ensuring the center of gravity of the machine even more stable

2. It uses a high-precision grinding roller spindle, linear guideway and NSK high-precision bearings

3. The automatic lubrication system is a completely new design that can permanently maintain the lubrication of moving parts and ensure that no oil leakage occurs during the cleaning of the machine.

4. It is equipped with high-speed and high-precision main bearings and advanced cooling thermostatic system of main bearing

5. Single bearing has 4 universal water spray heads, which can make the cooling effect more ideal

6. Its structural design adopts electromechanical integration, which can occupy a smaller area and show a more beautiful appearance.

7. It can be used for the production of glass products, such as mobile phone glasses, watches and window lenses.